Monday, May 23


I just realized i haven’t been updating for a month – it’s scary how fast time passes. It’s funny how i pick the wrong time to update my blog because i have exams this week! I can’t wait for the holidays though. It’s all so exciting.

Yesterday was my fifteenth birthday. It wasn’t the best birthday, considering the fact that i have my midterms this week. My brother said i was too old for birthdays anyway.

I had macarons on Saturday with my mum and skipped ballet. Then we went to the saloon. Yeap. But way before that, in the morning, i had a huge surprise from no one other than Jean! It was so unexpected. She came with her mum with a huge bouquet of flowers. It was both of their idea. Words can’t describe how happy i was :) thank you so much if you’re reading this right now!

Then on the same night, we had dinner at Fisherman’s cove in Starhill. Just posting a really short update about the food! Couldn’t resist.

Really good seafood soup! The almighty lobster My main course! Best risotto ever.

I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and all. Appreciate it! I’ll post a picture of my little birthday cake in the next update :)


kathleen said...

and i'm loving your blog :)

KANI said...

i'm a size 7.5AU :)

Kristal said...

flowers and macaroons sounds like my idea of a lovely birthday. sending lots of birthday wishes your way xx

Katie said...

Hi Rose, thanks for becoming my latest blog follower :)
This food look amazing! I love pink roses too.

geebambino said...
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paggiethetan said...
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elizabeth t. said...

You haven't blogged in such a long while. You should keep it up when you can. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. You have a natural talent in taking them!;)

rEikA sUzUki said...

I love your photograph so much! Nice blog too♥
Keep on, Don't stop :)

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