Wednesday, December 19

to whom it may concern

It's been a really long time since I've actually posted something. Doubt anyone's gonna see this right now, but if you do, hello :) 

I never really planned on updating this blog of mine anymore. It's just that yesterday, one of my friends asked for help with her blog theme and that was when I remember that blogger existed. That's how long it has been. So I thought why not just post something - after all, it's been way too long. So thank you, best friend.

The last time I posted something onto here was more than a year ago. And I have to admit, a lot has changed ever since. Reading back my old posts, I felt a wave of nostalgia and I actually have to say that I was quite silly back then. I guess it's just that things are completely different now.

As most people know me for my interest in photography, I'd like to let everyone know what inspired me to do so from the very beginning, which a lot of you may not know. The reason why I decided to pick up a camera and started experimenting with photoshop was because of one person - and that is Jeannine Tan, also known as papertissue on tumblr. When my friend Nav recommended me to follow her on tumblr, I loved the pictures she reblogged. Until she started posting pictures that she took and it would get god knows how many notes on tumblr. That's when I checked out her flickr and realized what an amazing photographer she is, and that was only her hobby back then. I started reading her blog and found one of her photoshop tutorials and ever since then, that spark of interest in me started growing. Today, it's a wildfire - and that's all because of her.

She currently has her own site and is quite well-known in the blogosphere. She has shot for various magazines and even got invited to NY to shoot at NYFW for tumblr. She's amazing and I think everyone should know that. She really did inspire me and made me the person I am today - snapping pictures at almost every event that I would show up and everything. 

2012 is ending, and it's two more days to "the end of the world". I'd like to sum up my year with some of my favorite pictures that I took. 


Monday, May 23


I just realized i haven’t been updating for a month – it’s scary how fast time passes. It’s funny how i pick the wrong time to update my blog because i have exams this week! I can’t wait for the holidays though. It’s all so exciting.

Yesterday was my fifteenth birthday. It wasn’t the best birthday, considering the fact that i have my midterms this week. My brother said i was too old for birthdays anyway.

I had macarons on Saturday with my mum and skipped ballet. Then we went to the saloon. Yeap. But way before that, in the morning, i had a huge surprise from no one other than Jean! It was so unexpected. She came with her mum with a huge bouquet of flowers. It was both of their idea. Words can’t describe how happy i was :) thank you so much if you’re reading this right now!

Then on the same night, we had dinner at Fisherman’s cove in Starhill. Just posting a really short update about the food! Couldn’t resist.

Really good seafood soup! The almighty lobster My main course! Best risotto ever.

I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and all. Appreciate it! I’ll post a picture of my little birthday cake in the next update :)

Saturday, April 23

trop tard

We went to Mount Emei. It was the worst experience ever, due to the weather which was around negative six or seven, snow was everywhere. We took a bus up the hill for around an hour, and another bus.. i lost track of time.

Then we had to walk about 2 kilometers of stairs to reach the cable car station. The stairs were all frozen so it was just like a slide made out of dirty ice. We had to rent some metal scrap to tie it underneath our shoes for support. That helped a lot, but it was still as dangerous as hell. Our goal was to reach the peak of the mountain, and i swear it wasn’t worth it at all.

There were just some temples and stuff on the peak. Nothing much.   Love-locks, by couples who believe that their relationship will last forever after locking their own locks together. Hahah

The day before that, we arrived at this place called Huang Long Xi (yellow dragon village?) It was a really interesting place to take pictures of. The temperature was perfect. I think it was around 14 to 16 degrees (thank god). I so happened to snap a few lucky shots! Just like first picture below.

My mum and my brother Wilson. Eye candy So amazing. Everything’s handmade. These were literally sold at every corner, mostly by old ladies This is my favourite shot. A lady walked pass me with a baby and i held my camera behind me and just randomly focused and clicked my shutter right away, and voila! By far the smartest way to make cotton candy. Direct translate all the way Taofu, in almost every single dish. And it’s my least fav food yuck

So that’s my last post about my China trip. Hope that didn’t bore you out. Gonna start blogging like how i usually do again!